Our website generates donations by crowdfunding,

in order to pay out an unconditional basic income to a person for one year (12 x 1000 €)



                    Therefor we need people who

                    goldenkreis.png  fill the pot (donations starting from 1 Euro)  


                    goldenkreis.png  apply for the raffle.



Our motivation


The goal of our website is to encourage a sociopolitical discussion on topic "basic income". By this we want to find out how it is affecting people.  

We want to make the ideal values of the Basic Income alive through our social research project and thus serves to collect empirical data on behaviour with basic income in order to refute the current criticisms.

We will be constantly communicating these experiences here - on our homepage and social media platforms.



How can I participate?

If you live in Austria and have an e-mail account,

all you have to do is register here and already you have a chance to win a basic income for a year. .